Every small business owner faces unique challenges with marketing, particularly when it comes to the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. The cost of creating sustainable online marketing strategies can be immense, and countless business owners have become frustrated by search engine ads that fail to yield results and social media platform algorithms that can be nearly impossible to navigate.

Although digital marketing is now considered a critical component of any successful marketing strategy, it is certainly not the only way for businesses to increase their revenue through advertising.

Using company vehicles to advertise your business and services is a smart and highly effective tactic that’s capable of providing massive amounts of qualified leads without a long-term, expensive commitment. Considered one of the most cost-effective marketing tools, wrap advertising transforms company vehicles into mobile billboards that reach potential customers both day and night. Studies show that vehicle wrap advertising generates roughly 2.5 times more attention than a standard, static billboard.

Is your business pouring money into marketing channels that aren’t delivering results? It may be time to consider wrapping your company’s vehicles.

Read on to learn about five ways that your company can increase its revenue with the use of vehicle wraps.

1. Vehicle Wraps Get More Impressions Than Other Forms of Advertising

Studies have shown that in most circumstances and situations, vehicles are viewed by more than 3,000 potential customers per hour – particularly if you utilize your vehicles that get the most exposure and time on the road. But these aren’t just random views…these are more qualified prospects. If you’re operating a local business with wrapped vehicles, you can count on the fact that most of these potential customers live in the area or visit often. Car wrap advertising generally works out to cost less per impression than other marketing tactics like search engine or social media marketing, making it more cost-effective in the long run. Vehicle wrap advertising has been shown to cost as little as four cents per thousand impressions and is considered one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available.

2. Vehicle Wrapping Helps to Establish Your Business Locally

Consumers tend to patronize businesses that they’re familiar with, and memorable, eye-catching vehicle wraps are a proven way to familiarize your company’s name around town. This strategy not only helps to gain the attention of local residents, but also helps to build trust. When your branded vehicles are out and about, potential customers know that others in their community are already using your services.

3. Vehicle Wraps Promote Brand Awareness

Regardless of whether your business operates on a local or nationwide level, establishing an easily recognizable brand identity is one of the first rules of effective marketing. Without consistent and familiar branding, your potential customers will inevitably turn towards your competitors, who may have spent serious money on their own branding.
After all, which company are potential customers most likely to remember and patronize? A company whose brand they recognize.

4. Vehicle Wraps are Inexpensive Compared to Other Marketing Channels

Among the most important considerations that your company should make about its marketing strategy should be the return on investment and the costs saved.

Unlike online ads, for example, which become a consistent and costly expense, vehicle wraps are paid for once and continue to work for you. Durable and long-lasting, vehicle wraps are comparatively inexpensive.


Since vehicle wraps are not permanent and relatively inexpensive to install, business owners and operators have the freedom to adjust them to suit their needs at any given time. This means that your business can broadcast specific advertising messages – including seasonal promotions, special deals, limited time services, and new products – for a limited amount of time.

Using time-sensitive vehicle wraps with consistent branding is a powerful way to demonstrate to potential customers that your business is modern, current, and always improving your craft. Business owners can easily customize their company’s vehicle wraps with data that tracks leads from specific campaigns. For example, your vehicle could display the URL for a unique landing page or a code for a special discount.

Vehicle wraps allow you the unique freedom to experiment and understand what works best for your business.

5. Vehicle Wraps Help to Maximize the Value of Your Company Vehicles

As a successful business owner, you are always looking for ways to maximize your existing assets. You’ve already spent serious money on your company’s vehicles.

Applying a permanent paint job to a vehicle almost always results in a decreased resale value of the vehicle. In contrast, vehicle wraps provide paint protection and preserve the vehicle’s original paint job. With proper installation and maintenance, vehicle wraps can typically last up to five years or more. Since they can be safely removed without damage to the original paint, vehicle wraps can actually help to increase the resale value of your company vehicle.

If your company’s fleet or vehicles are being driven around without branding, your business is missing out on a valuable opportunity to establish your brand, build customer trust, acquire countless qualified leads, and increase profits.

One of the primary reasons that vehicle wraps are so effective as a marketing strategy is that they take your marketing wherever they go. Whether they’re on the highway, stuck in traffic, or simply making a quick delivery, potential customers are guaranteed to notice them. This removes the burden of worrying about whether or not your marketing efforts are reaching the right people at the right time: vehicle wraps never stop working to advertise your brand. As an added bonus, your potential customers will appreciate the non-intrusive nature of vehicle wrap advertising.

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